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Under The Gunn says goodby to BL

Hey everyone!

First I just want to say how thankful I am at the overwhelming amount of support and love I have received during my time on and now subsequently off Under The Gunn.  I'm truly thankful for all my new fans and even more thankful for those who have supported me from day one.  I couldn't do any of what I do with out your generosity and unwavering support of my crazy dreams.

Now then, down to business.  This challenge really opened my eyes to my own process and design.  I learned that I need to trust in myself and go with my gut.  This experience has humbled me, made me more confident, and only fueled my fire for the next adventure.

I feel like my biggest downfall during this challenge was that I got in my head too much about a concept that I made up for myself and just didn't execute it well.  Like trying to rewind a VHS in a DVD player.  Anya may have accidentally planted the seed but I watered that seed, blindly fostered it and then tried to sell it at the damn farmers market.  I take full responsibility of my design.  I really just needed to take my self out of it and step back and look at it objectively, which I unfortunately didn't do.  I actually love what I made, but separately and not for that challenge... and my styling was off, I mean, nude wedges? really Brady? Really?  I actually understand Anya's decision, I mean, I wish it was different but I'm ok with it.  I absolutely loved my time with Anya and definitely learned from her mentoring, we just weren't on our A-game this week.

But you live and you learn and you grow and become a better designer for it.  This was a tremendous experience and I loved everything about it.  I made some awesome friends, and making new ones every day from it.

So don't cry for me America, this kid will be just fine, onward and upward :)

And with that said, tomorrow I will be releasing my new Spring/Summer '14 Collection! So check it out :)


Brady Lange on Under the Gunn

Tune in Thursdays on Lifetime to see Brady Lange on the new Lifetime show Under the Gunn with Tim Gunn.

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Get Ready For Portland Fashion Week


Like debutantes ready for our first ball, we've got our big white dresses on and we're ready to make a great first showing at Portland Fashion Week. Only instead of learning manners and dancing, we've been busting ass to hand make our Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and we're completely excited for you to see it.


The clothes this season are about tonal contrasts. We've used two big, loud elements and played them against each other. We want you to get a sense of a vibrant kind of restraint, a totally wearable calculated risk. 


What on earth does that mean? We can't tell you. The best way to find out is to attend the Portland Fashion Week Ready to Wear Show. You can buy tickets here.


We'll be seeing you Friday, September 13th at 8pm at the Oregon Convention Center.